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*FOR REGISTERED CAMPERS PLEASE NOTE!!* Due to the high demand, ALL paperwork and payments for currently registered campers must be completed by July 1st in order to hold the campers spot. Please contact us directy if there are any concerns for deadline. 831-204-8445 or water.stars.hills@gmail.com

SUMMER 2018: 
 JULY 22nd-28th

Camp Wastahi

Non-Profit Summer Camp
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**Please note: all staff positions are required to
reside at camp during the camp session.**
This is a Senior Staff position.  A point of liaison between Program Director, Junior Staff Director and Staff Counselors.  Works with the Program Director to coordinate staff breaks, cabin duties, and group activities.  Mediator for staff conflicts, camper concerns, and counselor issues.
Acts as a mentor to all cabin staff: to help develop healthy cabin dynamics, mediate counselor conflicts, mediate camper conflicts, fields concerns from counselors, campers, JCs and CITs, and ensures counselor behavior is safe, attentive and appropriate. 
  • Works with Junior Staff Director to facilitate the learning experience.
  • Assist Program Director during Staff Training.
REQUIREMENTS: At least 2 years of camp staff experience; ARC First aid and CPR adult/pediatric certification.
The Cabin Counselor is responsible for overseeing campers in a cabin group during the week.  Assures basic needs are met (health and safety), as well as those campers attend activities and are adapting to the camp environment.
  • Facilitate group dynamics.  Both cabin and large group.
  • Get campers to scheduled activities on time.
  • Work with JC/CIT director to enrich the learning experience.
  • May lead or assist in teaching camp electives.
  • Attends daily staff meetings.
  • Attends pre-camp staff training.
  • Is the in-cabin mentor for Junior Staff.
  • Assist Program Director and Camp Director(s) during Staff Training.
REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18 years of age or high school graduate; ARC First aid and CPR adult/pediatric certification.
The Support Counselor acts as relief for Counselors and Lead Counselor.  Floats among cabin groups to take over acting staff member’s duties during breaks, emergencies or other obligations. Assists Program Director and kitchen staff when not ‘on-duty’.
  • Act as effective, temporary replacement during relief period.
  • Assist Program director in activity preparation and execution as necessary.
  • Assist in the kitchen as necessary.
  • Run morning and afternoon activity groups.
  • Attend staff meetings and pre-camp training.
REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18 years of age or high school graduate; 1-year cabin staff experience preferred. ARC First aid and CPR adult/pediatric certification. May require CA Food Handlers Certification
The Lifeguard is a part-time position based at the pool during water activities.  Must be present at all pool events and during the first day of camp to conduct swim-tests.  Works with Program Director to plan water activities.  May be required to assist other areas of the camp.  Must be an active certified lifeguard.
  • Maintain pool area per campsite guidelines.
  • Assist Program director in activity preparation and execution as necessary.
  • Attends staff meetings and pre-camp training.
REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18 years of age or high school graduate; ARC or ALA Lifeguard certification. ARC First Aid and CPR adult/pediatric certification.
The Health Supervisor is a full-time position responsible for maintaining overall health practices and adequate precautions taken to ensure a safe camp environment.  The Health Supervisor must be a physician, a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).  Works with Directors to prepare staff members during pre-camp training.  Responsible for dispensing medication, first-day check-in health inspections, general base level care for minor injuries/sickness and the last day med check-out.
  • Supervise overall health and safety of camp and campers.
  • Daily dispersal of medication.
  • Attends staff meetings and pre-camp training for ‘medical’ briefing.
  • Present to respond to all medical situations or major concerns on site.
  • Assist Program Director in activity preparations as needed.