*All forms received after June 25th will be entered on the WAITLIST.*

*FOR REGISTERED CAMPERS PLEASE NOTE!!* Due to the high demand, ALL paperwork and payments for currently registered campers must be completed by July 1st in order to hold the campers spot. Please contact us directy if there are any concerns for deadline. 831-204-8445 or water.stars.hills@gmail.com

SUMMER 2018: 
 JULY 22nd-28th

Camp Wastahi

Non-Profit Summer Camp
Forms coming soon!
To secure your campers spot: All attendee's must submit a REGISTRATION FORM and MEDICAL FORM by June 15, 2018​ 
Early Bird Discounts Available!!
Submit the following by April 30, 2018 for discount

  • Paperwork Early Bird = -$40 (Registration AND Medical Forms completed  in full.)
  • Payment Early Bird = -$10  (Full payment received)

2018 Registration Forms Coming Soon!!

Registration Form

Acceptance to the Junior Staff Program is dependent upon completion of application and interview. Please note, registration and medical forms are to be sent seperately. **Limited spaces available**

DON'T WAIT!! Junior Staff Applications are due by APRIL 1, 2018!!

<-- Download the form 
Medical Form
Junior Staff Application
must be submitted by May 31, 2017
Campers that will be of high school age in the fall may apply to participate in Camp Wastahi's two-tiered leadership programs.
Pay Online -->


Click the "buy now" button if using discounts and/or adding donation:

JUNIOR STAFF APPLICANTS: A phone interview is required and will determine the leadership program the applicant will be placed in. Registration and Medical form may be sent in at any time. However, acceptance is pending until an interview is concluded . This will determine the program the applicant will be placed. Payment amount will be determined upon program. For more information visit our LEADERSHIP page. 

To qualify for the Payment Early Bird Discount: Interview must be completed by April 15th and FULL payment/ALL FORMS received by the April 30th.

  All forms may be sent by email or US mail:
 Email:  water.stars.hills@gmail.com 
 Subject line:  Camper Name, Camper Forms
 Business Mailing Address:   Camp Wastahi
                                                4484 Desin Drive
                                                San Jose, CA 95118


  Other Discounts Available:
We strive to make camp available to everyone that wishes to attend!!
Young Camper Referral:  Young campers maintain the lifecycle of Camp Wastahi.  As our campers grow every year, we need to bring in younger campers to ensure Camp Wastahi’s sustainability.  Should you refer a young camper (age 6-9) that attends camp, you can claim the Young Camper Referral Discount:  -$40 per 6-9-year-old referred camper that attends camp. Provide their name on your paperwork.
*Can be used in place of the Sibling Discount if referral is within the same family
Sibling Discount:  Camp is a family, so we make it a little easier to send all the kids. One sibling pays full price and each additional siblings get a -$20 discount.
*Cannot be used in addition to Young Camper Referral if within the same family. However, a first year sibling age 6-9 can take the -$40 young camper referral discount in lieu of the sibling discount. One sibling still pays full price. 

Dishie Discount: Dishies play a huge role at camp!  They help wash the dishes and put them away after meals.  This helps with the flow and timeliness of each meal.  Campers age 10 or older may volunteer to be a dishie in exchange for a discount off tuition. If your child agrees to help with the dishes after meals, this qualifies you for a $50 discount. Limited spaces available!! 
Parent/Guardian Kitchen Volunteer: They say the kitchen is the heart of the home… it’s even truer at camp.  We can always use help in the kitchen!  Discounts vary depending on a number of meals or days volunteered.  Multiple family members or friends may volunteer to help with a camper’s tuition.  An application/agreement is required for each volunteer.  More information and application here --->

Registration FAQ’s 

Kitchen Help