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*FOR REGISTERED CAMPERS PLEASE NOTE!!* Due to the high demand, ALL paperwork and payments for currently registered campers must be completed by July 1st in order to hold the campers spot. Please contact us directy if there are any concerns for deadline. 831-204-8445 or water.stars.hills@gmail.com

SUMMER 2018: 
 JULY 22nd-28th

Camp Wastahi

Non-Profit Summer Camp
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Sending your kids away for a week is fun and exciting, full of adventure and independence for the kids… but can be kind of scary for parents. Here’s a little info to help!

What to expect your first year:
     Camp Wastahi is a wonderful experience for all those who journey down our trails.  Kids get to put down the phones and video games, walk away from the television, and get back to nature and good old-fashioned fun!  Campers get to learn new skills, play in the great outdoors, sing silly songs, display their talents, sleep under the stars, make new friends, and exercise their independence and responsibility (for a full list of activities click here).

     We understand that the first year at camp can be a very scary time for a camper and parents alike.  No matter the age, first-year campers may feel apprehensive going into an unfamiliar situation.  For some children, this may even be their first time away from home for an extended period of time.

     At Camp Wastahi we are experts at finding the fun while emphasizing each child’s strengths, allowing each camper to shine while creating a team-based, family environment.  Our staff is well trained and most have grown up at Camp Wastahi; some started as young as five!  Though we anticipate all our campers to have a great time at camp, we understand there may be times where homesickness sneaks in.  Our Staff is well trained and fantastic at dealing with such situations, making kids feel included and making sure everyone has a great time.
Contacting Your Child at Camp
     Kids LOVE to get mail at camp.  We pass out mail every day and it can be a highlight
for your child.  You can contact your child while they are at camp two ways. 

1.  You can send your camper emails!  We print the letters every day and pass them out
to the kids.  This is one of the most timely means of sending your camper a letter.  We
should mention here that your camper will not be able to write back to you via email, but
will be able to write postcards and letters.
2.  Handwritten cards, letters, or small care packages provide a wonderful personal contact:
     a)  You may send mail before and during camp.  The campsite will store letters for us for a few days before campers
          arrive.  Depending on distance mail can take between 1-3 days to arrive at camp.
     b)  You may pre-write letters to be delivered on specific days.  At check in, you may hand the letters to the director. 
          Please attach a post-it or note explaining what letter is to be delivered what day.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to send your child a care package, do not send food or anything on the “do not send” portion of the camping list.  We have to be very cautious of ingredients that could trigger an anaphylactic or other serious allegy. We also want to avoid enticing pests into the cabins.  Campers will be asked to open any care packages in front of their counselor or a staff member for this reason.  Anything sent, like food, that we cannot allow in the cabins will be held in the camp office and returned to the camper when signed out of camp.
     Kids can send letters home at any time and we highly encourage you to send self-addressed stamped envelopes with your child.
IMPORTANT: We do not allow phone calls to your child unless there is an emergency.  Phone calls can make a child feel very homesick and takes them away from camp experience. You may reach the camp director by phone at (831) 204-8445, or Co-Executive Director, Soleil at (408) 219-4150.