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SUMMER 2018: 
 JULY 22nd-28th

Camp Wastahi

Non-Profit Summer Camp
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   At Camp Wastahi our goal is to:
- Develop leadership and confidence
- Promote teamwork
- Honor diversity
- Get back to nature
- Encourage individuality
- Let kids be kids in a safe environment
Small Camp... BIG FAMILY
    Wastahi stands for “Water, Stars, and Hills”     

Camp Wastahi is a non-denominational residential summer camp for kids aged 6-17.  Founded by Camp Fire Girls at Big Basin State Park in 1925, many of the same values about service, environmental appreciation, teamwork, leadership, and fun remain for almost a century.
In 2002 the Santa Clara County Camp Fire USA office was unable to continue Camp Wastahi.  In light of this, three wonderful "camp moms" stepped forward to keep this vital tradition going.  Seeing first-hand what positive effects the camp experience had on their own children, they, along with dozens of dedicated staff members, have made significant contributions to ensure Camp Wastahi continues.
Camp Wastahi is a non-profit organization made possible solely due to the volunteer time that so many of the committed staff has contributed over the years.      

Patricia Boepple
Soleil was a Camp Fire USA leader for 11 years.  Her love of camp came as a Girl Scout when her time away at camp gave her confidence and brought out the inner leader in her.  Her two children have grown up at Wastahi and volunteered as staff members for many years.  Hope and Gilligan’s mom is a certified tree-hugger and don’t let her catch you littering or not having fun!  When she isn’t at camp, Soleil is a Sr. VP at an international equity plan management firm and she credits much of her success today with her early experiences at camp. 
Executive Director/President
Nora Tryhorn
Ume’ has been joined at the hip with Soleil for almost 20 years, since they were co-leaders at Camp Fire.  Wastahi was Ume’s first experience at summer camp beside 6th-grade science camp.  She loves it so much she has a Wastahi mug, hat, and pillow case!  Ume’ is the proud mom of Salamander, Newt, and step-mom to Four. Ume’ can be found all around camp – checking in with campers, working in Arts and Craft and making sure everyone is having fun! Besides camp, she is President of an R&D and manufacturing plant in San Jose.
Executive Director/
Vice President
Debbie Phillips
Pismo not only handles all of our money matters, she also double duties as our Camp Cheerleader.  She has a kind word and a helping hand to offer to everyone which keeps all of us moving on.  She is also a camp mom to Wahine and Hawk.  Pismo handles money in the real world as a Controller for an avionics company near the San Jose Airport.
Danielle Phillips
Wahine first attended Wastahi when she was 9, and remembers what a hard time she had being away from home.  With the help of her awesome counselors and letters from Togo, she was able to jump into the fun of Wastahi.  She excitedly worked her way up the ladder from a counselor to program director, to camp director, and then to secretary of the board.  She credits camp with her strong organizational skills, the ability to be herself, and carries a little bit of camp spirit with her every day when she teaches her 6th and 7th graders.  Her passion and love for camp have helped shape Wastahi into the amazing organization it is today.
Board Secretary
Sandra Nakamura
Whisper has quite literally grown up Wastahi, Whisper started as a camper in 1990 only missing a handful of years. Since then she has ventured through the ranks of Junior Staff, Counselor, Junior Staff Director, Program Director, and now Camp Director.  Pulling from her Wastahi experience and a summer-long residential camp on the east coast, she has and continues to help Wastahi’s evolution and in keeping long-standing traditions alive.  Whisper’s exuberance and creativity flow throughout camp.
Camp Director
Amy Cerel
Star found Wastahi when her two Campfire USA club leaders (Ume’ and Soleil) challenged their club to run Wastahi as their senior project.  As one of the original staff members, she is now Junior Staff Director.  Star’s enthusiasm, responsibility, and approachability help camp grow each year as she continues to inspire those around her.  One of Star’s favorite pastimes is getting to know others and she always has a ready ear for counselors and campers alike.
Assistant Director
Chris Kistner
Spatch began as a counselor for Wastahi in 2000.  His wonderful energy and sense of humor have helped kids and adults alike embrace the silly and enjoy life, particularly through camp.  He pulls from his experience at San Jose Family Camp as well as a few science camps and teams it with Wastahi traditions to keep Wastahi balanced between fresh and nostalgic.  When Spatch isn’t at camp he enjoys making music, seeking adventure, and having fun (hey, that’s exactly what he does while he’s camp, too!)
Program Director
Sarah Cade
Madam Mim, the newest addition to the directorial staff, has been a part of the Wastahi family since 2010. From the moment she stepped foot on campus she has been an energetic and artistic force at camp. Mim began as a Program Aid, and has since been a Counselor, Program Assistant, and is now the Art Director.  Her aesthetic prowess along with her theatrical background makes her an essential part of the Wastahi family.
Art Director
"Madam    Mim"